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Sanskrit Manuscripts

Panchatantra stories in Sanskrit language.

Despite the fact that the original Sanskrit manuscripts of the Panchatantra are long lost, scholars have composed the Panchatantra based on bits and pieces of information - archaeological, historical, and from commentaries and recensions. The original scriptures may have been lost, but the Sanskrit verses have been reconstructed to form the Panchatantra, as it was in prose and poetries. As provided below, we now have the texts, in Sanskrit language, of the Panchatantra by Pandit Vishnu Sharma, thanks to priceless research by scholars. We have furthered the advancement with pictures for illustration of the moral stories contained in the Panchatantra:
पञ्चतन्त्रम् - इत्यस्मात् पुनर्निर्दिष्टम्
लेखक - विष्णुशर्मा
ओं नमः श्रीशारदागणपतिगुरुभ्यः । महाकविभ्यो नमः ।

पञ्चतन्त्रम् ०१
अन्तर्विषयाः [गोप्यताम्]
अथातः प्रारभ्यते मित्रभेदो नाम प्रथमं तन्त्रम् । यस्यायम् आदिमः श्लोकः

पञ्चतन्त्रम् ०२
अथ मित्र संप्राप्तिः
अथॆदम् आरभ्यतॆ मित्र - संप्राप्तिर् नाम द्वितीयम् तंत्रम् । यस्यायम् आद्यः श्लॊकः -

पञ्चतन्त्रम् ०३
त्ड़्तीयम् तंत्रम्
अथ काकॊलूकीयम्

पञ्चतन्त्रम् ०४
अथ लब्ध-प्रणाशम्
अथॆदम् आरभतॆ लब्ध-प्रणाशम् नाम चतुर्थम् तंत्रम् । यस्यायम् आदिमः श्लॊकः -

पञ्चतन्त्रम् ०५
पञ्चमम् तंत्रम्
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