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How a Sparrow came to Grief

"Give your advice only to those who deserve it, else you will come to grief".

A couple of sparrows lived on the branches of a huge tree, deep in the jungle. They had worked very hard in building their nest, and it was a comfortable home that protected them in all weathers.
One day, during the winter, as they were enjoying the comforts of their nest, it started raining outside.
Sometime later, a monkey came to take shelter under the very same tree. The monkey was all drenched in the rain, and his teeth were chattering in the cold.
When the female sparrow saw this, she felt pity on him and said from her nest, "O Monkey, You have hands and feet similar to humans. You can use them for many reasons. Why don't you make yourself a protected home?"
The monkey was already suffering from the rain and the cold, and was in no mood for an advice. He replied, "You wicked sparrow! Why can't you keep your mouth shut?"
But the female sparrow continued her advice. She explained how she was able to enjoy the comforts of her home, and how she did not suffer from either heat, or cold, or rain. This made the monkey very angry.
The monkey thought, "What a wicked female bird! She talks as if she has mastered all sciences and philosophies, and simply won't stop chirping. She is making me so angry, that I might as well kill her. I am already suffering from this rain and cold, I do not wish to hear any advice."
The female sparrow, however, continued chattering and did not cease to advice.
At one moment, the monkey became so angry, that he climbed up the tree and tore up her nest to pieces.
The wise indeed say:
Give your advice only to those who deserve it, else you will come to grief.
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