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The Panchatantra is a compilation of inter-woven series of tales in prose and poetry, mostly animal fables. It was compiled in Sanskrit (Hindu) and Pali (Bhuddhist). The compilation, attributed to , is considered by most scholars to be dated around 3rd century BC, and to be based on older oral civilization. Through cross-border mutations, adaptations and translations, the Panchatantra remains the most popular work of literature, especially amongst storytellers.
Tales of this ancient Indian work, the original texts of which is now long lost, portray the origins of the subcontinent's language and primitive lifestyle - apart from its objectives, according to its own narrative, to illustrate the primary Hindu principles of nïti - the wise conduct of life.
The Panchatantra consists of 5 parts, apart from a brief introductory narrative. Each of the five parts revolve around a frame story, which further contain "emboxed" stories, sometime three to four levels deep. These emboxed stories snap from each other, unexpectedly and irregularly at times, to sustain attention:
Enjoy the Short stories of Panchatantra, in English, with pictures and morals
Panchatantra Stories in English, With Pictures
Once upon a time, sitting by the fireside, man told his first story, and built the foundations of his own rule over his world. Stories gave the world shape. They established orders and challenged them, showed man the road to the future and helped him unravel the labyrinths of the past.
Through stories, man trapped the world around him, and bent it to his will. Man knew ... stories were what inspired him, made him stronger, better, wiser. Stories were what made man realize that there was more to life than mere existence. There was something to look up to, something to aim for, somewhere to go ...
From original Sanskrit manuscripts to short stories in English, our efforts are dedicated to 'The Panchatantra', the oldest collection of Indian fables surviving:
Read the Complete works of Panchatantra, translated in English, with pictures
Moral Short-Stories from the Panchatantra, in Sanskrit language with picturesThe Panchatantra was composed, in Sanskrit language, in ancient times. This book of five volumes, has travelled and been translated all over the world, primarily because of the witty moral values of the short stories and elegant representation of framed-stories. Despite the fact that the original work is long lost, the texts in Sanskrit scriptures are available here:
Explore the Moral Short-Stories from the Panchatantra, in Sanskrit language

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